Taming the Elephant

What’s on screenWhat we hear
Title sequence:

Taming the Elephant



We see Rosie and Sig together, two brightly colored zebras, dancing a tango. Rosie has a rose in her teeth.NARRATOR:

Once upon a time, there were two happy little zebras, named Rosie…

Detail: Rosie’s faceROSIE:



and Sig

Detail: Sig’s faceSIG:


Camera suggests Rosie and Sig dancing side to side as if doing the tango.NARRATOR:

who fell in love and tried to live happily ever after. They were doing a pretty good job of it until one day--

The tango pose morphs into Sig holding Rosie, who has collapsed. Sig’s pose is protective. Rosie’s color is dimmer. The wilted rose is on the ground next to them.NARRATOR:

--when Rosie got very sick.

Same scene with overlay of rain-like storm of pebbles, stones and rocks falling on and around Sig and Rosie.NARRATOR:

It was as if stones fell out of the sky and landed right on her.

SOUND EFFECTS: Rain noises mixed with sounds of little stones hitting things

Detail: rock on top of fallen roseNARRATOR:

Rosie and Sig tried very hard to go on living happily…

Rocks and fragments come together to form an Elephant looming behind and over the zebras.NARRATOR:

but Rosie’s crisis was harder to ignore than an Elephant in the Room.



Elephant now stands in front of Rosie and Sig tossing rocks at them as they cling to each other.NARRATOR:

It seemed like no matter what they did, the Elephant got in the way.

Detail: Rock flying through the air toward RosieNARRATOR:

The Elephant made the lightest moments heavy.

Detail: The Elephant’s stone feetNARRATOR:

Familiar paths were blocked with obstacles.

Detail: Sig and Rosie clinging to each other as pebbles peltNARRATOR:

Even the simplest things became hard.

Detail: A tear escapes Rosie’s eye. Her color looks even dimmer.NARRATOR:

It was as if their lives were filled with gravel and stones and boulders everywhere.

Detail: The Elephant’s mocking face.ELEPHANT:

Bwah hah hah hah!

We see Rosie and Sig taking shelter under a bedraggled umbrella.ROSIE:

Sig, we need to tame this Elephant.

Another storm of pebbles begins.SIG:

I can do it, Rosie. I’ll take care of you.

Detail: Sig and Rosie looking into each other’s eyes.NARRATOR:

Sig’s eyes were full of love. So were Rosie’s.

Detail: Rosie’s faceROSIE:

I want to take care of you, too.

Full image of Rosie and Sig under the umbrella as now rocks fall SOUND EFFECT: whistling, then impact noise as a rock strikes the umbrella
Rock storm intensifiesELEPHANT: (VOICE OVER)

Bwah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

Detail: Sig’s faceSIG:

We can do this!

We see Rosie’s face, worried. There is an open space above her head. In it, an image fades into view—her memory of her parents. Her father is lying down, as her mother holds his head and strokes his face, trying to help but tired and sad. Maybe we see Baby Rosie in the background, looking sad and helpless.NARRATOR:

Rosie remembered how her dad had depended completely on her mom when he got sick—how much that weighed on her mom and how much Rosie had longed to help them.

The memory vanishes. We see Rosie’s face is now smiling.NARRATOR:

And that gave Rosie an idea.

In the space above Rosie’s head we see a group image of friends and family.ROSIE:

Yes, we can do this. We’re just going to need some help.

We see the Elephant ‘s angry face—detail from one of the imagesSOUND EFFECT: Elephant trumpeting noise, wind, sandstorm sounds
We see Rosie and Sig with pencil and paper snuggling under the umbrella as sand swirls down but doesn’t hit them.NARRATOR:

The Elephant kept blasting. But Rosie and Sig paid no attention. They put together a plan.

Detail: Sig and Rosie writingNARRATOR:

Sig and Rosie sat down and named every need they could think of.

Detail: Sig’s faceNARRATOR:

They decided which ones they could best handle themselves.

SOUND EFFECTS: Sound of pencil on paper, maybe some indistinct mumbling between Rosie and Sig.

Detail: Rosie’s faceNARRATOR:

Then they named family and friends they thought could help with the other needs.

We see Rosie talking on her phone and Sig texting on his.NARRATOR:

They reached out to ask each one.

Detail: Sig textingSIG:

This will help both of us use our strength where we need it most.

Full image of Sig and Rosie as the Elephant suddenly drops into the picture and the phones fly out of Sig and Rosie’s grasp.ELEPHANT:

[sniffs scornfully]

Weenies! Weaklings! Can’t you stand on your own four feet? Those outsiders won’t be able or willing to handle all that!

Detail: Rosie’s faceROSIE:

Then they can say no. We’ll adjust. None of this is set in stone.

Detail: Sig’s faceSIG:

Unlike you.

The Elephant rumbles ominously and grows larger.SOUND EFFECTS: rumbling, which continues under the Elephant’s lines.



The Elephant stands on his hind legs towering over them.ELEPHANT:

You have no idea how scary I am! Nobody wants to be around all this! No one will come!


Rumbling stops immediately

A crowd of helpers appears, surrounding Rosie and Sig, all smiling. It’s the group image Rosie envisioned earlier. Camera pans.

The helpers include three zebras who are relatives of Sig, an owl, a couple of monkeys, three butterflies, a spider, and a rhino. There are also goats, a couple of hyenas, a pair of cheetahs, a toucan, a tortoise, and some wolves, along with a very long snake.


We heard—


We thought—


We wanted to see if maybe we could help.

We see the Elephant on his hind legs, rearing back in menace. The background darkens.ELEPHANT:

You didn’t ask that one to show up! Or that one! They’re just nosy posers!

SOUND EFFECT: earthquake rumbling


You idiots won’t follow through! And if you do, you’ll mess everything up! You’ll do more harm than good! THIS WILL NEVER WORK!

SOUND EFFECT: volcano blast

We see Rosie very worried, Sig holding herROSIE: (shouting)

Oh no! Look out!

SIG: (shouting)

Don’t let him get to you!

The world darkens, lightning flashes, and the The scene morphs to black, white and grey, devoid of all color.SOUND EFFECTS: thunder, rumbling, cracks of lightning

Sounds continue under throughout the following

Detail: Rosie’s faceROSIE:

Right! Stick to the plan!

Detail: storm of rocks and sand is swirling NARRATOR:

What followed was a long, stormy battle.

Montage: faces of Rosie and Sig and the Elephant flashing, alternating with darkness and rocksNARRATOR:

For a time everything seemed totally dark and hopeless.

There is a huge flash.SOUND EFFECT: huge thunder clap
Screen is black briefly
Image fades up. We see that Rosie is buried under a huge pile of rocks with just her head showing. On top of the rocks is the Elephant. Sig stands by helpless.ELEPHANT:

Bwah hah hah hah hah

Detail: Sig with tear escaping his eye


What happened next surprised everyone.

We see Rosie reach up to grasp one of the Elephant’s toes and break it off. SOUND EFFECT: tiny cracking noise of rock breaking
Close up: Rosie’s hoof placing the fragment into a Monkey’s hand.
The stone in the Monkey’s hand is transformed into a jewel.SOUND EFFECT: tiny “ping”
We see animals all over the rock pile and the Elephant, taking hold of stones and pieces and parts. Sig is also taking hold, too, and Rosie is trying to rally.NARRATOR:

Over and over it happened.

SOUND EFFECT: musical “ping” and “pop” noises

One by one the stones in their grasp morph into jewels. NARRATOR:

Big stones, small stones, stones in familiar shapes—each became jewels as the helpers helped, and Rosie and Sig worked to take apart the Elephant.

Montage: Details of helpers grasping stones.SPIDER:

I’ll set you up with an updates blog on the web.


I’ll get on the horn with the insurance company.

GOATS: (speaking together)

We’ll handle lawn care.


We’ll be ha-ha-ha-happy to take Rosie to Comedy Night!


Hey Sig, we’re gonna take you out and howl at the moon.


We can run errands.


I’ll help sort out the bills.


I’ll make you some Mock Turtle Soup.


And I’m a great lissstener.


Of course we’ll ask if you’d like us to do a certain thing instead of assuming you’d want it.


And we’ll offer things you might not have thought of.


And we keep on asking—


and offering—


--because needs can change.

We see Rosie and Sig. Flashes of colored light brighten their faces. Both look more colorful and strong.NARRATOR:

Sig and Rosie watched their world transform.

Detail: RosieROSIE:

Yes, we‘ll all keep sharing what’s really going on.

Detail: SigSIG:

If something happens in YOUR life that makes it hard to help us, just tell us.

Full view of Rosie and SigROSIE:

We’ll understand.

We see animals decorating everything in sight with sparkling jewels. The Elephant is no longer in sight. The scene is full of colorNARRATOR:

What had been a nightmare of jagged rocks became a palace where even the most everyday object was decked in sparkling gems of love and caring.

We see Rosie and Sig in their sparkling world.
The Elephant pops into the scene behind them, grey and jagged, but much smaller. ELEPHANT:

I’m still here.

Detail: Rosie’s faceROSIE:

But so are we.

Full view again, this time as animals pop into the sceneALL:

We ALL are.

The Elephant, exhausted, sinks down behind Rosie and Sig.ELEPHANT:

Bah… fah…ah….


Rosie and Sig kiss. Animals quietly lean together and relax.NARRATOR:

And that is how Rosie...

ROSIE: (interrupting)

..and Sig...

SIG: (interrupting)

..and the people we love...


...tamed the Elephant.


Fade out